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Hello Lesley and Eileen,

I had another week with a lot of pain, 6 appointments and bad news.

Monday I had the ct-scan. As I am allergic to iodine, the radiologist took the scan without contrast dye.
A relief and a pain free exam.

Thursday I went to see knee surgeon 4, the one also specialized in sports trauma.
The scan shows that my tibia healed well but that my kneecap is bone on bone, due to the osteoarthritis caused by the accident.
My tibial plateau is still indented at the lateral side, not enough scar tissue has been formed.
He said my problem can never be totally solved, only improve. And it is 90-100% sure I’ll need an artificial knee sooner or later.
I was balanced until 2nd December, but due to the imbalance when walking, my pelvis is now 14 mm lower on my left side
This could improve once the internal prosthesis is removed and I could also wear an arch support if needed.

I have 2 options:
Have the internal hardware removed in December.
He only gave me 30-40% chance of success, meaning to walk normally and pain free. Due to the osteoarthritis.
Could help to reduce the pain: hyaluron injections, a product that replaces joint fluid and reduces friction.
Has anyone experience with hyaluron?

Have the internal hardware removed and have an artificial knee right away.
He added, taken into account my damaged knee, this operation involves complications.
92-95 % of the prostheses have a lifespan of 15 years and the durability constantly improves.
Largest risk is infection.

I was devastated hearing the verdict. I am not at all mentally ready to have an artificial knee so early in my life.
Suppose the operation fails and that I end up in a wheelchair like my mom?! Her hip prosthesis failed in 2000 and she has been disabled for 80%. It ruined her life but also mine, since I took her care on my shoulders.
My family doctor told me that one of his patients, also a relatively young woman, had an infection on her artificial knee. It had to be removed and replaced by a temporary knee. Later on she has to be operated a 3rd time for another prosthesis. A nightmare.
Since I haven’t enjoyed much luck in my life (4 times victim of a traffic accident, other adversities) I am frightened to death from having my knee replaced.
Look how much the internal hardware has bothered me for 11 months (a burning, pushing sensation that increases as the day progresses).

I am depressed and I cry nearly every day. Every step I take is inconvenient at best, but hurts most of the time.
And this pains adds to the latent pain I feel from morning till evening and the burning sensation from the hardware that increases as the day progresses.
Despite so much physio and hydrotherapy I have not improved since April.
The only progress I made is that I can sit on my knees (not heels) in the hydro pool. Doctor says I can now try this out of water.
But I want to walk, to be free, to be independent, to go to places!
Due to my lack of mobility I had only a few enjoyable moments this year and I am tied to the house most of the time.

The woman who caused the accident ruined my life. I was in such good health until 2.12.2014 !
I went to see Victim Help, free service organised by the Commmunity of Flanders. I need support, cannot continue alone.
A psychologist will visit me in 10 days. I requested to organize a meeting with this woman.
I want her to know what she did, she cannot continue ostrich policy, not wanting to know.
Unfortunately no one can force her to meet me.
In Belgium it is always the perpetrator who is protected best !!
Before my case started, I witnessed a few cases at the Police Court. One man had caused 4 accidents, due to alcohol intoxication. One of the accidents was deadly. He was there for a 5th time!! I think that anyone has a right on a second chance. But this man caused 2 extra accidents because he was allowed to continue driving. How much lives has he ruined?! Did not hear whether he now had caused a 5th accident or had been arrested for driving under influence.
Hell is on earth, life is unfair.