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I am almost 8 weeks on from my tpf.I managed to get it at my youngest daughters 30th birthday party.We had a marquee set up outside with barbeque,tables & benches & everyone was having a wonderful time.
We were playing a team game and our side won.
In the ensuing celebration one of the lads grabbed me and we were jumping up and down when he fell over & landed on me with my knee hitting the edge of one of the benches with his weight on top.OUCH!! That was the end of my party but it provided lots of jokes for ambulance & hospital staff.
Have spent 6wks in full cast & I am now almost 2wks in hinged cast and struggling to bend my knee again.Having been a very active 51 year old and always busy doing something,I have really struggled emotionally with the never-ending inability to do very little.
My husband,family & friends have been fantastic but I still find it hard as they are all busy with life,work etc.It seems like months instead of weeks since it happened with the unknown lying ahead.
Trying to stay positive & succeeding for the most part.Not knowing how full a recovery I will make plus the fact that my OS said I will definitely develop arthritis in the offending knee plays on my mind a bit as I was a keen hiker.
I find it difficult to tell people around me how I feel & what concerns I have so this site has been fantastic & it feels better sharing with fellow sufferers.
Best wishes to all.