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Thanks for your reactions Eileen and Marion!

I never heard of CPSD. It is, apparently also known under the name Sudeck disease (I knew this condition).
Reading the symptoms I don’t think I have this ailment. Saw my physio yesterday, and he says it’s very unlikely.
Anyway, I’ll ask my doctor.

The 4th knee surgeon, with whom I continue my treatment now, only gives me 30-40% chance that I’ll walk normally and without pain once the internal hardware is removed. I have always expected that I would be able to take up my active life after this surgery. That all the misery I have gone through would eventually lead to the best possible recovery.
From the day of my accidents, doctors have withheld information!
I could go for an artificial knee right away, when the hardware is removed. But since placing this prosthesis will start with complications (due to the accident) and since I am mentally not ready for this at such an early age, I looked for a 5th opinion. Also, I am so frightened the operation will fail.

So I made an appointment with a top Belgian knee surgeon, who has treated famous athletes and sees patients from abroad. Even if I am struck in the daily traffic jams for 2-3 hours just to drive 70 kms one way, it is worth the effort.

More and more I begin to doubt whether my surgery was done correctly 11 months ago !
Doctors protect each other and won’t say if a colleague made a mistake. A doctor from another city will be more inclined to talk frankly.
I know 2 people who also had a tibial plateau fracture and none of them suffered pain, except when they overdid it during physiotherapy.
They cannot understand I have been suffering non-stop from morning till evening for 11 months now.

I’ll post another update in 5 weeks after this consultation.