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Hello Eileen,

Up to now I have been seeing 4 knee surgeons in the area I live, all with a good reputation.
All said that it was “normal” the healing took so long and no one could explain why I am in constant pain. No one gave me spontaneously much information. Every time I was on a consultation, I had my sheet of paper with questions and remarks. But they all, except doctor 4, beat about the bush. So I fear they might not have told me the truth.
This top surgeon in another city is my last hope to receive an honest evaluation and the best possible treatment.

All my life I have been trying to be considerate towards others, because I truly believe every act of kindness makes a better world.
The car hit me on 3.12.3013 exactly because I was being kind to others! Had I taken care of myself, I would not have been hurt. On the busy and too narrow transit road in our community centre, nearly all cyclists ride on the pedestrian path, out of fear. So many people have been ran over on that road and there were 2 deadly accidents in 2012. This particular morning I already had started cycling on the foothpath, when I saw 3 pedestrians coming towards me. I thought I should not bother them, should ride on the road as I was supposed to. Only seconds later I was ran over by this car. Very wry, isn’t it?! I have been telling to myself over and over, why on earth I risked my life to give priority to others?! My fulfilling and active life has turned into hell. And this also affects my 92 year old mom, I take care of.
She is disabled since 2000 due to a failed hip prothesis. That’s one of the reasons I am so afraid of a knee prothesis.

Every time I drive, I give priority to at least one other driver, pedestrian or cyclist. And I take hitchhikers along, because they will be safe with. When I was young and had no car, drivers gave me a ride, so why not help others now on my turn?
I can assure you this attitude, that I still think is a good one, hardly contributed to my well being and luck.
I could fill pages with these kind of experiences, but this is not the topic of this site, right!?

I can only conclude, like so many others: there is no such thing as justice on earth. Just study the world history and watch the daily news.
The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said, “L’enfer c’est les autres” “Hell, are the others”.

I look forward to meeting someone from Victim Help next week and I truly hope she can induce the woman who ran me over to meet me.
The police court condemned her to be totally responsible. She has to pay a fine and her Insurance company has to refund all my costs and pay compensation for moral suffering and my disability degree. That is to be set on the medical expertise in a few months.
But I want my health back, not money!
And I would have preferred she did not have to pay a fine. But get the obligation to have her eyes checked, take some driving lessons and do some volunteer work in a revalidation centre.
So she never ever causes another accident.

Thanks again for your wise words.