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Sue H

My surgery was on 22nd September 2014 and for a while afterwards, whilst I had a full leg cast, I slept reasonably well. However, once the cast was removed 3 weeks later and replaced with a leg brace, sleeping has become more and more difficult. I don’t have to sleep in the brace, but my knee is uncomfortable whether I do or not. I use a pillow under the leg, I try resting on my back or on my side, but I simply cannot get comfortable. It feels like there is something sticking into the back of the knee – the screws and plate I suppose. I am so tired that I do fall asleep for a while but not for long enough! Although I’m trying to focus on one day at a time, this non-sleeping is getting me down and I wonder whether it’s going to be a long-term issue. I see my consultant this coming Friday so I will speak to him then, but I wonder whether anyone has this experience too? I’m 61, and although perfectly healthy until this injury which was also my first fracture ever, I wonder whether eventual removal of hardware is an option. I rather like the idea of my older bones being safely held together! Any words of wisdom and experience?