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So glad you posted.I came off my horse September 15/14. Had a tbf inner articular. Surgery didn’t happen until the 29th. I am lucky that I can get around our house quite easily in a wheelchair. I use a walker other than that at home. I live with 3 German Shepherds that try to be careful but you never know.Big screw up with Pt who did not do as OS said and had be locked up in brace until Nov.3 only unlocked for ROM. I am now at about 95-100. Really worried but new PT said it will be fine?? I hardly get to see my horses but I can’t wait to ride again. Please let me know how it goes. Any suggestions for starting again. I am 61 and have always rode and hiked. I agree that you have to keep busy. There is lot,s you can do from the chair if you try.
It is okay to get down and weepy but don’t stay there. It’s not forever.