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I had my tpf on 11/23/13. No surgery, but was nwb for 6.5 weeks. My doctor said then I could “start walking” on it, but did not recommend PT so as not to overwhelm the healing bone. I stayed on a walker for 2 weeks then graduated to crutches. Finally, started PT 8 days ago. I can walk with only 1 crutch at home & office now, but my knee is so stiff! I have gotten to a 120 degree bend and can almost straighten it, but it seems to be taking so long. MY PT uses intramuscular stimulation therapy (dry needling) which I know has helped tremendously, but I’m impatient to get on with it! It seems that the knee swelling prevents me from exercising as much as I would like. I’m using a 12-18 mmHg compression hose and wonder if a stronger one would be more helpful. Any thoughts on the benefits of compression would be appreciated. (the most uncomfortable part of this fracture was the extensive swelling of my foot…the knee wasn’t that bad, but the foot was a killer!