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My TPF happened Oct 2013. 12 months later i was still experiencing pain, swelling, stiffness and restricted range of motion, but the surgeon was happy with everything despite my concerns. I’m only 25.

It was an understudy of this surgeon who felt that my restricted range of motion and pain were reasons enough to remove my hardware. He also insisted that arthroscopy be done just to make sure nothing else was going on.

On November 14th 2014 i had the surgery. They discovered i had 2 meniscus tears that had gone unnoticed from the original surgery, despite them doing an MRI to check it all out in the beginning. They were also unable to remove one of the screws, as it was infused with the bone.

I have just started physio again to correct my walking and strengthen muscles that haven’t been used in over a year. So far i have noticed that my leg feels a lot straighter, bending is still a bit stiff, but it’s still early days and i’m hopeful that it will only get better from here on in.

I strongly advise anyone who feels that there is something not right with their TPF to be very persistent with their surgeons and GP’s.