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Hi. My TPF is fairly simple (no major additional tears).. it happened getting onto a ski lift 2/16. It’s comminuted but nondisplaced, and so no surgery. My question is regarding the suggested exercises. Most of the recommendations are post-operative, and I assume that after surgery there’s a certain kind of stability which I don’t have. My doctor said I could do isometrics. I would love to add as many other things as I can, but I also need to avoid displacing the fracture. I know the ITB attaches to the lateral proximal tibia… seems that certain movements could put additional pressure right where it’s vulnerable. I’m usually pretty active, running etc., so I keep catching myself moving in ways that might not be smart. e.g. leg raises (the ‘bad’ leg) while standing on the good leg brushing my teeth, or whatever. I don’t want to do something stupid & require surgery just because I’m impatient.

I just found this site a couple of days ago, thanks so much for all of the effort involved, including all those who’ve contributed.

Chris, if you’re still around… I’m glad to see you doing well too. I’ve read a few older posts, though I can’t remember everything of course. I wondered even then if some of these exercises could help. As a PT you probably know all about them, but I’ll post the links just in case they could help you, or anyone else. To me they seem ideal for foot/ankle stabilizing. (of course, when FWB) These were used by someone I knew who typically runs Boston at a 7 minute pace.. & he says they helped a lot!
Could you tell me at one point you’d recommend doing some of the feet/ankles exercises using resistance?

Sorry this is so long & scattered.

Good luck everyone!