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Hi, I had surgery the 21st of Feb., 2014, for a TPF, left knee – slipped on my icy back deck. I get my 23 staples out in 2 days and am looking foreward to some input from the hospital physio dept. Luckily I’m 64 and in reasonable health and from the beginning not in excruciating pain. I was able to shinny backwards into my house , keep my 2yr and 3 yr old grandkids calm and pull myself up to the counter and call my daughter for help. I’m truly blessed with a husband of 44 years who is a great caretaker. We both have the positive attitude that everything happens for a reason. We’ll be working on our relationship, a healthy diet (luckily lots of frozen home cooking available) and especially on our physical fitness. I’m missing my yoga and zumba classes but incorporating as much yoga–especially the calm, full in and out nasal breaths as I use my crutches, walker, and when trying any moves, toe touching, sit ups, pushing myself up from fists at my hips, spine curls. Basically any move that I can think of I will try moderately and work up the level as I feel I can handle. I’ve added 2 lb. 3 lb weights and hope to work up to 5 lb. Again this controlled yoga breathing helps me feel my body’s reactions and slows me down when I need to. My theory is slow and easy and fewer but more often reps and if it is hurting listen and ease off. I find having an obus for back support with extra pillows as needed is keeping my lower back from staying achy for long. I take an hourly stoll alternating between my crutches and walker and change my locations to 3 different spots for variety. I think my biggest challenge in the next 3 months of NWB will be butt comfort. If anyone has any good exercises besides tense and flex I’d appreciate the suggestions. Thanks for letting me share and for having shared your experiences with me.