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Hello all, I’m glad I found this website after all this time.

I am currently 9 months from the date of my injury 6/12/13. My story is a nightmare of issues with Worker’s Comp. and the inability for anyone to care about the recovery of me in a timely manner.

I fell off a ladder at work and went immediately to the doctor that my work wanted me to who then took an x ray and thought I had a minor fracture. Next came a month of trying to get the insurance company of my employer to find me a surgeon while I say there with a broken bone and no mobility. I finally see a surgeon (after my pay and benefits are suspended to “investigate” my claim) and he gets me a CAT scan which shows a TPF.

So, after having the surgery and going through therapy and the like, I am now currently still waiting for my second surgery to clear up scar tissue and deal with the ligament damage that I definitely have and that wasn’t dealt with during my original surgery because I got a CAT scan instead of a MRI.

I wanted to post my story and open myself up to questions regarding recovery and what to expect month by month with this injury because I unfortunately have a lot of experience now.

This injury has been the toughest part of my life so far (I guess that’s a good thing) but now being 26 and maybe never being able to do sports and be my former-for self again is heart breaking. I can commiserate with those who are having problems coping mentally with the lack of mobility and the long road that lies ahead. I am glad we. I am glad to have this tiny community to share our stories.

Thanks for reading.