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Mary D.

Hi, I am new to this group..after tripping over a “curb stop” at a gas station 12/1/14. Ct scan 2 days later revealed a mildly displaced TPF. It is in a “hard to reach area for surgury (directly in the middle back of tibea) so they are oping a brace and 12 weeks of non-wt bearing & 12 weeks of PWB will do the trick. Your posts have been so helpful as figuring out what that means in daily life. I, too, and single- with pets to care for..and the old tall claw foot tub etc that needed a bench for modification, and a hand held shower nozzle. Purchasing a small portable wheelchair made life in the home so much easier.. Someones tip on Mobileg crutches also helped..Found them on Craigslist. This is hard!!!
Crutching is exhausting (also late 50’s with no upper arm strength)..and a benefits- no work, no pay). So I am getting the impression, streching , flexing, seated excersizes are a good thing.. healing can happen..but we need to try to build core strength and not atrophy from sitting? The first two weeks were painful..but now it is not too bad..I just wonder how the piece fuses back to the long I should wait with leg up before trying to get out and about on crutches.. (It seems every time I go out grocery shopping or something-it is painful at night) .. I don’t want to jepordize healing and end up needing surgery. Has anyone tried acupuncture too?
All of your experiences have been helpful!