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Hi you all and hi Debbie, suffering from potential pain in the butts! To avoid or diminish pain in the butts is not to lay on your back, which is very difficult in this situation. What i did was to slowly turn a little and lay on my side being supported by pillows in the back and between the legs, to be able to lay on the side was already a huge freedom feeling! I’m from Holland, i broke my TPF being lanced of my bicycle.. I never knew that aches in bones is soo painful. As Debbie i use good breathing exercises, little exercises as many as possible, letting emotions come and therefore crying occasionally being full of self pity, everything is okay. What is very very important, but most difficult is to accept the given situation, it is also a huge learning experience at least that is how i see it! I am 54, active, never broke a bone, but feel sometimes really old, especially when i try to get up after sitting for sometime. I have a plate and 6 screws and had 25 staplers, Debbie, it will feel much better when they are removed! After 6 weeks i could be FWB, which i could not! Now, 12 weeks after surgery, i walk without crutches, outside with 1 crutch, i exercise a lot, also at home, but always listen to my body, pain is stop! It will take a long time as for the most of us, wish you all a very nice day and keep up the good work!