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Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement. And congratulations on getting so far with your respective recoveries. I love the phrase ‘unexpected blessings’ and will continue to appreciate and, hopefully, encounter more of these. Even the small kindnesses of the nurses in the hospital, or someone giving me a warm smile when I was waiting to go in for surgery. I hope I never forget how important these little things were.
Considering each day at a time is also such great advice; it helps me to be positive but without pressure. People are so kind but they do tend to jump to the question ‘when will you be fully recovered’ which I find tiring just thinking about. I will take comfort in knowing that one day, I will be, but for now I don’t need to worry about exactly when. It is such a long haul, but I feel fortunate that for me – this situation is temporary. I hope I will be able to give others good advice in the months to come. The site has also prepared me for the pace of the recovery….walking with a limp for a while, it taking up to a year (or more) to return to all previous activities. And of course the possibility of arthritis which I shall have to make my peace with. But just reading how others have dealt with and accepted these things instantly gives me strength. Will I ski again though? hmmm….not something I need to decide or worry about today! Thanks again Sue and Eileen. Good luck to you too.