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Mary D.

Hi Eilleen,
I did submit about 20 questions via email before my last appt. I see a PA not a orthopedic surgeon..He answered online, then seemed more full of concerns at the appointment. The PCL is sprained, could possibly have caused some of the fracture, is inoperable due to location, but a full knee replacement can be in the future due to the arthritus that often sets in. My leg will ever be the same as before the fall. We don’t know the extent of damage to the ACL/PCL until weight bearing begins. Kind of a bummer..Bones can take 12 weeks to heal-6 months to remodel fully.
Now, for some reason these last two days (in week 5 of NWB) I feel great! I have been crutching more, even standing on two feet calmly (except the heel doesn’t touch the ground) and not in the pain of before.. don’t know what happened. The thigh is atrophing so am trying to excercise more.. A friend brought an ultrasound for bone stimulation (Osteogen) to use daily. Has anyone tried it? I start PT in week 7..have about 60* and no straight leg. Tempting to over do because it is so nice to not be in daily pain…