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Hi Barb,

Your correct, everyone’s story is as different as their injuries. Me, I fell down a flight and a half of stairs on 12/15/14, had surgery on 12/16/14 and had an external stabilizer installed. The surgeon said he would operate in two weeks but when I saw him in two weeks he said he was going to wait two more weeks. When I saw him two weeks later, 1/15/14, he said he was going to wait two more weeks or possibly a month. When I asked him why he could not do the surgery right then he said if he did it right then it would swell up and become infected. I then decided to get a second opinion, saw another Surgeon that same week, 1/16/14 and had surgery the next day, 1/17/14. Guess what no swelling and no infection. I’ve made slow but steady progress since the surgery and on 4/10/14 I will start weight barring. It has been an emotional roller coaster. The saving grace is I pretty much have a desk job, (I’m a Social Worker) so I returned to work 1/27/14 and that helps me feel somewhat normal and productive. You are 100% correct staying positive is HUGE.