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I also had my new (4 year old )lab run into my leg on 1/20/14. Had to wait 10 days for surgery. I thought I was going to be able to start standing after surgery like people with TKR. Boy was I disappointed. I also had the same sleep problems. I was moody to say the least. I am an X-ray tech and was also humbled to be on the other side. I was very grateful to have very nice, compassionate care givers. I did not have therapy until 5 weeks when I was partial weight bearing (25%). I do wish I had been given more at home exercises. I am now at 8 weeks and been given the go a head to put as much weight as tolerated. The surgeon was disappointed that my ROM is only about 45-50. He said he expected that it should be at 90%. This has been a frustrating process. Some days more swelling and pain then others….usually after overdoing it….then back to the couch!!! I am also blessed to have a wonderful family who are very helpful. (they don’t quite understand the emotional swings and moodiness that comes from lack of sleep, pain meds, and overall frustration of not being able to do things but by God’s grace, we are getting through) We also have many supportive friends. It was also a very humbling process to ask others for help and to be completely dependant on others. ( I suggest if people are offering to help, take them up on it early on. It is a long process and very demanding on the care givers) I am very thankful for my family but it is very demanding on them to pick up the extra work of wife and mother!

I hope more PT’s will have a better understanding of TPF. My therapist kept trying to push me to walk more when I was partial weight bearing. (5 weeks) It was too painful and I also have a lot of ankle swelling and decreased ROM in the ankle. Finally, I showed them the X-ray When they saw the plate and where and how the five screws were supporting a bone graph, they became more understanding and compassionate My doc is now pushing for more aggressive PT to increase ROM, which I can say I’m not totally looking forward to. I feel like I am a person, with spiritual
, emotional and physical needs, not just a knee or number or statistic.

Anyway, hope your doing well. Thought it was ironic how much our injury and recovery, thus far,was alike!