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Hi Dottie,

Wow! You had that horrible external fixator on for a month??? I had it a week while in hospital – it was creepy – not painful, just awkward and boy did it affect people who came to visit me.
That is great your second opinion led to such a great outcome and that you have been able to return to work – that is amazing – are you on crutches/wheelchair. I didn’t get onto crutches until I was allowed to begin partial weight bearing – it was 10 weeks post op. I’m about 17 weeks now I think.
I’m in a valley at the moment. I have a lot of clicking and grinding in the knee
when I try to totally weight bear and even when using the one crutch. I’m in Australia and on a public health care system, but paying to see the same surgeon myself for follow up – but this is only about once every 6 weeks or so. My nerve problem numbness, I think is improving – but have a referral to a neurologist to have it checked but need to wait to hear from someone for that appt. (public system again) There is no way I can return to work. I work in social work as well, but I’m in out the field working with high-risk teens – activities, etc. I need to be 100%. Still can’t step up or down onto a step fully without holding rail. Just no stability in knee and ankle still weak.
I’ve done over 30,000 exercises so I’m trying.
I’ll address the knee pain and clicking next appt. with surgeon and just hope and pray in the meantime it improves.

Take care!