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I fell in my house Jan. 29th after getting snow on my shoes. I had a tibia plateau fracture and did not require surgery. I was put in a removable brace and did not put any weight on my foot for 6 weeks. It has been hard letting someone wait on me hand and foot. After the 6 weeks, the xray showed that it was healed( small fracture) The Dr. said my bigger problem was all of the bone spurs in my knee(which is still a little swollen.)
He told me to start putting 50-75 % weight on my leg. I am now using a cane a walker and only take Aleve for pain. I wake up every morning in pain but once I straighten out my body and move around, it goes away. When I sit too long, my leg feels like concrete.
I want to know if anyone experiences foot pain when you begin to walk again. When I put weight on my foot, the ball of my foot feels tender and it is painful. Is this from not walking on the foot for so long? I am trying to do some exercises to toughen up the area. Any ideas?