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HI Chris,

Thanks for your input on this site, I have read most of our posts and they are all so helpful because of your background. I also relay a few ‘pearls’ to my PT, I’m his first TPF client. I hesitated to tell him how you did it tho’ because one day as I was leaving I asked him ‘whatcha up to this weekend?’ and he said – ‘Oh taking my dog to the dog park’. I ask what kind of dog – choc labrador (so not a small dog!) I’ve come across other people that sustained injury by a large dog – wow that is unlucky.

Anyway, I’m going to print out this post for my husband to read. I’m sure he thinks I should be walking by now but hasn’t read anything about this injury. The fact that you are obviously a super athlete (Ironmans…PLURAL proves that) and you have found this recovery tough will help my case. ha ha I’m 18 weeks post op – TPF – external fixator/2 plates, front of knee and behind knee a broken ankle in plaster 6 weeks and nerve damage (still pins and needles from above knee down to toe – no calf coming back). I’m on 1 crutch – constant clicking and grinding and pain in knee after about 5 steps – just can’t fully weight bear.

My PT tried something to help last week- taped the knee to give support which helped a lot. My leg since the break has always felt to me ‘twisted or not aligned right’ he applied some pressure and manipulated it as he moved leg up and down and Oh!, it felt soooo good. You know that ;it hurts so good kind of massage’?. The strapping helped me with side stepping with a slight bend in knee which caused a lot of pain.
Anyway, I am a committed 51 year old trooper and have done over 34,000 exercises. I keep a chart because atm this is my full time job. I also ride the stationary bike each day and no pain at all doing that. I go to the pool as well can go up bottom two steps ok. I have really good ROM probably over 135. Can fully straighten leg – just can’t walk yet. I’m quite sure this nerve is affecting that – I haven’t found many others having this problem so I’m unsure. I have an appt. early May with a neurologist for testing. I do think it is slightly improving but because it happens so slowing it is just so hard to say. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your insights.