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Hi Chris,

Yes, and you are a lot younger, and a male (I see my hubby as a machine – he can push push push himself) so you will probably struggle with the need to ‘compete’ I guess is a good word – even if it’s just against yourself. But for me – I just want to preserve myself – seriously I don’t care if I ever do anything competitive again – I just want to be able to walk!
On my first PT visit, he asked me so what do you want to get back to doing – ‘ultimate frisbee?’ (how I sustained the injury) NO!!!! Never again, it was just a social thing for me anyway. Where is the rewind button!!!!??
I replied “Just WALK – will I ever be able to do that?” He looked at me like I was loopy. To him, it’s a given, of course you will. But, like you said for us it is mental – sitting where I was in a cast/ a brace and a knee that looked ‘shark bitten’ (someone in hospital asked me if that’s what happened to me as I was having sutures redressed! LOL – we are in Australia tho’)
I just couldn’t imagine walking, let alone moving quickly in any other ‘sport’ or recreation.
When he showed me I’d transition to the one crutch on opposite hand/arm I just burst out laughing thinking – Yea, sure that is impossible – but here I am on one crutch. Soooo, just gotta keep positive as you said.
Take care,