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Hello all!
I fractured my TP on March 8 due to a fall from my horse. I landed all my weight on my right leg and down went my ankle and knee. I also have suffered a fractured heel, torn ligament on the inside of my foot, and two totally destroyed ligaments on the outside of my foot. I am a little over a week post op for my knee. My ankle doctor is making me wait until my knee is healed before she will operate. I seem to be lucky after all the stories I have read. My surgery was a closed surgery and only required 3 screws. I’m currently in a brace that is locked at 30 degrees. I am told to use my ROM machine 6-8 hours a day which I usually do but sometimes I just can’t get in a whole 6 hours. I am up to a 90 degree bend and my machine says 0 degree extension but I know my knee is still bent some. It has been a really hard ride so far. My knee will require me to be NWB for 8-12 weeks and even then I will not be able to place any weight as my ankle still isn’t fixed. Once my ankle is fixed I will be NWB for 4 weeks and then slowly build up from there. I struggle a lot when I think how long my recovery is. I’m a very active person. I ride (jump) horses competitively along with being a lifeguard and swimmer. It has been hard for me to sit at home and do nothing especially since I seem to dwell on the fact I can’t ride. I also worry that I will not be able to ride as well as I did before the accident. I’ve been competitively riding almost my whole life so this has been a difficult thing for me. I try hard to remind myself it could have been a lot worse but sometimes it’s hard to remind myself that when my whole world is changed for awhile during my recovery. I’m so thankful I found this site and was able to relate to things everyone else seems to go through as well! It deffinitely helps to know I am not alone! I wish everyone the best in their recovery!