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Re: ROM question and what has helped my mood swings

Hello everyone, I’m about 9 weeks post op and about 65 degrees flexion and 3 extension. I was pretty much immobilized for 5 weeks and started doing heel slides and strengthening exercise at that point. I started aggressive PT at 8 weeks because the OS was concerned about lack of ROM ( I was at 45 at time of visit). He also mentioned manipulation under anesthesia if things didn’t progress. ( sounds rather unpleasant and do not want to go that route!). I was wondering if anyone else had problems with range of motion and things they employed to regain their ROM. I am still using crutches but now able to tolerate as much weight as possible which has seemed to help with the swelling and ROM.

I had also been struggling with mood swings and feeling at times panicky, frustrated, overwhelmed, bouts of unexpected crying. ( Lol, different depending on the day ) I started taking adrenal support meds a few days ago which has really helped improve my sleep, moods, muscle tension and mental clarity. I also agree with others who say concentrate and rejoice about what you are able to do and your continuous improvements. It is depressing to stay focused on what you can’t do!! I thank The Lord for all my other blessings ( that can be so easily taken for granted )and my otherwise favorable health!!