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Hi Danielle,

I just read your post and saw it was recent so thought I’d send a quick note to encourage.
I am 18 weeks post-op so have been through the stage you are I guess, not that our injuries are alike – no two are. Because you opened the door “thanking the Lord” I can add that all through this I play worship music during my exercises, read the Bible in-between my sets of exercises, and try to focus on the positive. One day I laid on the bed just crying, no weeping it was! Then I heard this small voice say “Barb, you have me…think of all the people on your street even that don’t even know me”. So that turned my self-pity to praise and thanksgiving.
But, what you are going through is real and painful and frustrating for sure – I think the key to it all is ‘patience’ – this experience is refining that in us. We live in such a fast-pased, push button, automated, have it NOW society that we just don’t want to wait. So take what you can from the help and experiences of others, but don’t get down if you think your progress isn’t as good. Everything is in God’s hands and timing – at least I believe that, and I think you may too, and that just helps take the pressure off of worrying too much.
Anyway, be encouraged and pray for that range of movement to increase as you also do what you can to improve it as your PT directs. I love my physio and the help he has provided me get through this week by week. all the best, Barb