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As I posted earlier, my tpf was due to an auto accident on 12/13/13. Surgery, with 8 screws, plate, and bone graft, was on 12/20/13. Was nwb until late February. Developed a DVT from being immobilized for so long. So now, in April, I am finally walking with a walker. Little with a quad cane. My ROM is only 90-95 degrees. My surgeon said if it hasn’t improved by next visit, in four weeks, we can discuss a procedure. That being going under anesthesia for him to “work out” the scar tissue. Has anyone had this done? Did it work? What was it like after?? He seemed as it was not uncommon and if I choose to do this, could save a lot of more painful therapy. I was at 60 degrees when I started therapy. Any answers greatly appreciated!!