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Just saw specialist #4 today and, incidentally, asked about running. It’s been almost 7 months since my TPF and with a vacation and epic trek coming up in April, I thought I’d take up running as a way to get in shape.

Well, it was only the second day before my knee felt funny, the funniest it’s felt since injury. And when I asked specialist #4 today about it, he was pretty firm in his answer: “no running.” Didn’t really go into details why, other than to vaguely say bones can take up to a year to heal.

He said he wasn’t concerned at all about my (partially torn) ACL, but did recommend I wear my knee brace when walking…with the knee brace designed to offload pressure on my ACL.

So, Simon, in terms of running- it seems like some docs will say okay and others won’t, but it’s not terribly clear *why* they say so.