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Hi Barbara,

I’m 19 weeks post surgery- down to 1 crutch now, but when I first was trying to use the one crutch – but before I actually had the strength to do so correctly – I experienced lower back pain because I was contorting my body, i.e. compensating to do so as your physio says. This is not good to do obviously, because you don’t want new pain. However, now that the leg is stronger and I can bear the weight more as it should, my back isn’t hurting (cause the strain isn’t on it any longer). This is all pretty logical I guess. So the verdict I guess is that maybe you’re just not ready to give up that stick yet? I know how frustrating that sounds – but this injury is such a balance of ‘push’ and ‘patience’. There is good pain (from exercise strengthening) and bad pain (from doing something that hurts our bodies). Hope that makes sense and helps. Barb