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I suffered my TPF the Sunday before Thanksgiving ’13. I was working on an oil well on the North Slope when I slipped and fell of a ladder on the wellhouse. I broke it in seven places, with one long crack down the tibia. I’ve been WBAT for about a month now, but the doc has me out until at least the end of June (I still use crutches for balance). He also let me know that heavy labor is no longer in my future.

I think that was the hardest thing to accept. I figured the slope job was out of the picture, but I’ve always done something that requires lifting, kneeling, ladder climbing (all things on the no-no list).

I get to go through some vocational rehab when he finally clears me. Even though I’m far into the recovery process, I still have daily issues and bad days. I think the swelling is the worse part. I also have to remember to put my brace on if I’m going to be on it for a while. I had a sideways buckle the other day that was a helpful reminder.

I look forward to reading everyone else’s stories and hope you enjoyed mine.