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Each story I read adds a little to my understanding and comfort with my decisions. I have read dozens, so now time to give back to the woodpile.

TPF and “probable” ligament damage (loose knee), torn meniscus 2/13, skiing accident. Had repair 5 days later, plate, putty and 8 large screws. Pretty typical from what I have read. 3 months NWB and I was compliant–foot did not touch the ground for 3 months. Nasty muscular atrophy to affected quad, hammy and calf. Almost no visible muscle. Began rehab/PT for a few months then continued on my own, lots of clicking and gravelly noises and no stability or strength. FF a year and x-rays showed bone healed enough to do whatever I could. Me: “Doc, can I…” Doc: I don’t know, can you?” Pain in area of plate when I increased load through leg which so decided to have metal removed. Easy procedure, walking 24 hours later and rehabbing the following week. 2 months later hiking 3 miles on hilly ground 4x/week. Now I am skipping rope, rowing, elepticizing, skating. Pain at tib plateau area under patellar tendon but leg strength coming back.

LESSONS: 1. What looks grim WILL get better with time and hard work. 2. I am better off without the hardware, as I can put load through leg now with no pain to location of the place and screws. This should lead to greater ability to increase strength.