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Good news from the Fracture Clinic. My break is healing nicely. In fact the doc had to refer to the pre-op xray to see where the break was.

I have to wear my brace for another 4wks. But I can remove it at bed time (bliss) and start putting some weight through my broken leg (30% – ‘toe touching’). I can also swim (front crawl with a pull buoy) and ride my turbo (static bike) set to ‘zero resistance’ – so long as I wear my brace and don’t use a cleat (clip-in pedal) on my knackered leg.

So I’ve swum three times since Friday, 1K each time. No pain in my leg so far. What’s more, my aching back and shoulders (worn out from the crutches) feels so much better. Getting in and out is a little hairy/slippery.

I’ll leave it another week before setting up my bike on the turbo. But I;m already feeling like I’m getting back to normal. Walking is so much easier with the crutches when you’re able to put some weight through your broken leg. Managed a 3hr walk around the local zoo on Sunday.