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I suffered a tibial fracture 3 months ago and have just come out of a cast. For the first 2months I had a full leg cast which was ungainly and my mobility was down to shuffling around on my bottom But there was no pain anywhere in my leg and it was more frustrating than anything else. My consultant orthopedic surgeon had wanted me to have surgery because the break was apparently severe but my, (silly but V real),fear made me dig my heels in and refuse. 3 weeks ago I changed to a half leg Samiarto cast which Is V light weight and much easier to live with. The first 10 days were extremely painful. Both my ankle and my knee, neither of which I had damaged caused horrible pain and made sleep almost impossible. Things improved and I began trying to get my knee to bend again. This was pretty futile and if left in one position for longer than half an hour or so it would freeze and take a great deal to move it. The fracture itself was relatively pain free in comparison. The day before yesterday it was decided that the fracture had healed and healed well. I am lucky that I apparently have very strong bones, despite them being very small. I now have a Aircast boot which I can take off at night and to do ankle exercises. Nothing had prepared me for the pain that came with not wearing the boot. It is particularly bad when lying down. I had my first meeting with the physio team who attempted to get me standing on crutches. I couldn’t. I was so dizzy and my good leg and arms shook. I was so unimpressive that they took the crutches away and tried with a walking frame. No success. I return tomorrow for another go.The healed fracture is still pain free but my knee and ankle are a problem and I wish someone had advised me that healing the fracture is the easy bit and now the real work starts.I have spent 24 hours either howling my eyes out or feeling thoroughly fed up and angry at no one in particular. I am determined that this will not get the better of me but I think I am at the bottom of a very large hill.
Has anyone else been through this or have any tips/ideas that might help. One of the difficulties seems to be that now I am out of plaster everyone thinks I am fine and will be back to normal next week!