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Thanks Lesley, for your encouraging words. I hope your recovery continues apace. Having read so many comments from others and particularly yourself about walking again, albeit in a somewhat different way to before the accident I grasped the bull by the horns today and took my first steps. Admittedly these were aided by a walker and not crutches but the boost it has given to my confidence is worth all the pain that came with my, (small), victory. Admittedly I now have an ankle the size of a baby elephant’s but I feel I have turned a corner. My 50th is coming up in a few weeks, (Aahhh), but I have made a pact with myself to work hard enough btw now and then to make sure I can get out of the house and have dinner in my favorite restaurant with friends. Recovered a little bit of positivity and have realised that this is key. This injury is as much a battle of the mental as it is the physical. So here’s to zimmer frames, odd looking boots, flat shoes and a general lack of glamour. A small price to pay if I can walk again and regain some semblance of my life 3 months ago.