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Hi there, this site helped me a lot, by Reading all the experiences of fellow tpf sufferes and seeing the proces of recovering i was somehow more prepared for my own proces. I’m Dutch and as a good dutchy i bike a lot and during one icy evening i fell and sufferd a TPF Schatzker VI.
Three weeks ago, just over a year after the fracture i had my hardware removed and i can recommand that to everybody!
I had 1 plate and 6 screws and although they didn’t bother me that much, i always felt them in my leg.
Now i feel that this is my leg again! I asked the doctor to make a ‘nice’ stitching which he did. Pain was present for a couple of days, but it was certainly worth it.
If you ever hesitate about wheter you should or should not remove the hardware, go for it! When the bone is healed your body doesn’t need any osteosyntetic material.
Wish you all good healing and many thanks to everyone on this site for sharing experiences,
Be well