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Hi there all of you, hope everybody is coping with our given situation! No way to avoid this one! People out there on a cpm, exercise your ankle and footmuscles, try to stretch the muscles in your leg, it will be very beneficial against the swelling of the leg once you’re on your feet again.
My fracture, Schatzker VI i came to know recently, could be set with 1 plate and 6 screws’only’. I’m now 15 weeks post op. and actually doing very well considering the damage that was done…
I walk without crutches, i work a lot on the balance in my body in order to walk as ‘normal’ as i can. I walk one speed only, slow! I ride a bike again and practise many other daily things, climbing and descending stairs and stuff..
I have not much swelling in my leg, sometimes a little in the knee, but i exercised a lot as soon as i was NWB, simple things, but effective plus i kept a very healthy diet and really engaged fully in the experience, the fysical and emotional pains, i lived it. I don’t know for other people, as this ride is so very personal, but those things helped and help me.
Take much care everybody and celebrate every progress, how little it may seem!