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Hi everyone – my story is that I am now 10 weeks post-op from TPF with plate, 8 screws and a bone graft for the depression to the plateau. “High energy” ski accident on Feb 1. Got follow-up with ortho surgeon in Boston in 10 days (at 11 weeks post-op) but not raising my expectations too high as I have come to realize this is a very long haul. I have been fortunate to have had a home PT come to my house for the past 7 weeks which has been invaluable in introducing me to many basic exercises to bring ROM and functionality to the muscles and ligaments from the hip to the ankle. Now have 120 degrees of ROM and full extension- and I now am allowed to loosen up by doing my own aqua therapy and ride a stationary bike – all while being NWB. So significant progress has been made while NWB, but the area that is still very weak are the ligaments around the knee which have little strength and makes for a long PT ride when I can abandon the crutches and figure out how to walk again. Best of luck to you all.