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I fell skiing on Feb 26th and ended up with TPF, 5mm depression. It was touch and go on surgery or not, but luckily the bones remained in place, and I’ve been in a brace. Being unable to walk is such a life changer. I live alone so I had to figure out how to do things. Prepare your day in advance for instant exhaustion. Do what you can on your own, but accept help. We had a blizzard right after my fall and I was wondering how on earth I would deal with all that snow and ice. Found someone on Craigslist to shovel, someone else to clean. It helps to find something useful or constructive to do while seated. I sorted and took care of old paperwork issues, also did some creative stuff, but not much. Best to let go of expectations of yourself. It’s OK to watch TV during the day, just get through one more day and you’ll find yourself getting through the weeks. I’m just short of 8 weeks out, back to work teaching tomorrow, starting PWB and PT this week. Nervous about all of it, but so ready for this step ahead. You’ll get there too!