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I fell skiing on Feb.26th – have a TPF with 5 mm depression, but no surgery. My OS goes for 8 weeks NWB, also no PT. He did say I could work on range of motion and my PT told me – on the phone – to slide my heel in just to the stuck place and back out again. I’ve also been doing leg lifts. I have some trouble with my foot swelling when my leg is down for any period of time and the PT told me to do foot flexing (as in gas pedal pushing) to get the muscles working to circulate blood and lymph. This helped immensely. I do that a lot now. I return to work tomorrow, still on crutches. Also start PT and PWB this week. It feels like too much at once, but at the same time, I am relieved to get some of my life back.
Living alone with this put me in a tailspin for the first 5 weeks. I have no family in the area. People have helped, but also, not many – even close friends – understand the physcial and emotional impact of losing mobility. I was told to get on antidpressants or to go live with my son. I’ve had lots of offers and help with getting food or running errands, but just the day to day stuff is so wearing. To get a dinner, carry to a seat and then forget the fork – if only the dog would get it!
I have always been very active. I worry about losing that part of my life forever. It helps to read about others way ahead of me in time. Wish I could have started PWB sooner. Thanks for reading and sharing your story.