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Hello fellow tpf members. Definitely not a group I signed up for…but here I am.

I was hit by a car about a month ago. Initially taken to the ER, where the doctor did exrays, and said there was nothing wrong… nothing broken. My left knee and lower leg was swollen, red, and beginning to bruise. Moving my knee was impossible due to extreme pain that also radiated down my leg. Any attempt to move or bear any weight on my leg leg caused excruciating pain and I was sobbing. I had to practically beg for pain medication and when I was discharged I asked “How am I going to walk?” Only then did the doctor tell the nurse to give me crutches.
Unconvinced that nothing was wrong, I made an appointment with my regular doctor. During that visit, I found out that the hospital radiologist had stated possible tibial plateau fracture and he recommended that the ER doctor order a CT scan or MRI. Ohhh…I was angry,to say the least. Referred to an awesome Orthopedic Specialist who confirmed that I had a tibial plateau fracture. I was sent home in a hinged leg brace and pain medication. No surgery needed at this time.

My question/concern is: It has been almost a month and I still have episodes of bad pain in my knee, calf, and foot. Is this normal?