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Hi Betsy
I broke my tibia plateau and had surgery, 2 plates and screws on September 21. Was non weight bearing for 6 weeks. During that time I was told no physio, but to do lots of straight leg lifts. Was later told I should have been trying to bend my knee. When I had physio, I did leg stretches with a yellow band attached to a table leg. Knee straightening exercises and knee bending exercises. I also had to learn to walk again. Learn how to go up and down steps. Be sure to go to physio. They really help and know a lot of tricks to help with the many things you have to go through, as well as why it would be hurting at certain places. It has been 4 and a half months now. I still limp, but am able to walk almost a mile.
It is very easy to get depressed, but hang in there. Look back at your small progress steps. Read the old posts here. We all seem to have some similar stories and you will notice that the writer’s breaks have improved over time. Also think that your leg is very important and this is the time you have to take for it to heel.