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Tammy Barrett

I had TPF, 3 months ago, nwb for 6 wks, I could only do leg lifts, no bending, i have been able to put some weight on my leg finally after about 8 wks, it buckles after 20lbs of pressure, I can now bend my knee at 90%. I can not afford physio, i go there about one time a month, she does a measurement of where i am at, says good or bad, i work more on the bad. She gives me the workouts to do. the large rubber to flex my foot, then a horse lead without the buckle to put around my foot and pull my bent knee into my chest as much as I can. I sit on the edge of the couch and bend my knee, and try to squat into the bend without coming off the couch, there are little tricks you will be able to do. There are reasons for some to bend right away and for some not to bend right away, it depends on your break and the work that is in you fracture.