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Hi all. I am a new TPFer!! A very reluctant member of this club. I am so glad I came on here. It has been about a week and a half since my operation and I have been in a sort of day dream about it, not even owning the experience. Just sort of slumping watching tv and feeling utterly depressed leaving behind a full schedule of work and friends to… this. I was cycling to work on 3 Feb in the snow like a genius and I hit an icy slope. I put my right leg down to steady myself but it ended up being wrenched and turned around with the bike. The pain was such that I didn’t even register hitting the ground. After sitting in the road for 10 mins in snow minus shoes and gloves I was picked up by a passing taxi.

I deep down knew it was serious but played it down – until the xray came back. Even then it didn’t register and all i could think was ‘arthritis’. I was at the JR in Oxford and they operated the next day – a metal plate and 6 screws. I left hospital after a week. The physio told me a few exercises to do but I was mostly clueless until coming on here and reading your stories. All i have been doing is rotating my ankles and doing bum clenches. That isn’t enough, is it? I am slowly coming to the realisation – right now – what lays ahead. I spent 10 minutes crying before writing this. I am an events manager and so I can do the desk bits from home and I was concentrating on that rather than recovery. Someone mentioned on here that recovery is a full time job now. Does anyone have any tips for me? I’ll have another 4 weeks with no weight on the leg and I am just in the dark about what comes after that as my next hospital appointment is the day before I am due to put weight on again. That’s a long time to leave me alone.

Also, I am overweight and I want to lose fat to make recovery easier – it is a contant battle. Do you think it would be safeto do the 5:2 diet alongside recovery?

I am babbling now so will sign off. Thank god for all of you! But obviously wish it were not so!