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I didn’t have surgery as my OS treated me conservatively with a full leg cast for 6wks then a hinged cast for a further 6wks NWB.I was then in a hinged brace for another 6wks PWB and have now been FWB since mid January.
I have worked really hard to rebuilt my atrophied muscles and that is returning and I can now walk a little bit with 1 crutch, so I am happy with progress on that front.
The problem I have is that my knee will not budge past 80°. I see my OS on Thursday as my doctor and physiotherapist referred me back to him.My physiotherapist thinks it is scar tissue that is stopping ROM moving on.
I see on this site that most people have had surgery for a Schatzker II fracture and just wanted to ask if any one had similar treatment and problems with scar tissue stopping ROM.
Jeremy, I live in Scotland, so I am really thankful for our National Health Service.I have a fantastic physiotherapist and doctor who are in my corner pushing for more to be done to further my ROM.I will find out on Thursday when I see my OS and what he proposes to do.My physiotherapist told me the surgeon can either force my leg to bend under anaesthesia or cut away the scar tissue through keyhole surgery.I will find out more on Thursday.
I hope you get on well after you see your doctor,I’m sorry I am not much help to you as I don’t have any hardware so cannot compare with your situation.
This is such a marathon recovery process and at least I feel that I am getting there if ever so SLOWLY.At last I am starting to feel like my old self as I feel stronger everyday and its great having an exercise regime to follow.
Dipping in and out of this site has kept me sane at times as I could read how other people were struggling with issues and I wasn’t just going nuts.
All good wishes to everyone,