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Bill, I hear you! We must be our own advocates. I am only 10 days out from my accident (level 3 tpf No Surgery non-displaced). Initially treated at an ER. Sent home with proper immobilization and orders to see an OS. Well, I sifted thru this site, and the FB group’s Page and armed myself with questions to ask the OS before my first visit with him. If I had not done so, I do not think he would have told me much of anything except the basics. I was lucky in that my questions really started up a genuine conversation about this injury, rather than him just simply cursorily answering questions. He settled in and we talked awhile.

Dottie, you and I have some things in common it sounds like. I am 62, very active, and agree with you that each day we are stronger and closer to regaining an active life-style again. It may be different from before but, change is good! I am, and my body is…going forward into what awaits…not backwards into what was.