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Sally your recent note was like reading my minds memory…or remembering how very hard it was just a short time ago. How many times would I get upstairs (or down) & forget something essential…AUGGHHH!! Your comment about the fork & the dog was just priceless to me. Feeding my two dogs during all this was an unexpected chore, I couldn’t even muster the 3 steps down to the garage, I had to feed them inside twice a day. And then hobbling back to the kitchen to get my water or a napkin, what a chore!
I’m also very active & live alone & was suggested by friends to go on antideppressants. I never did & am glad I didn’t (but truthfully there were times I thought maybe I should). When you say the simple day-to-day is SO WEARING, that rang like church bells in my head. Friends would bring me groceries or take-out & I even had out-of-town family come & stay, which was an immense help, but the insomnia & just getting around my own home (bathing, toilet, kitchen, sofa, etc) was JUST EXHAUSTING. COMING FROM A VERY ACTIVE PERSON THAT SAYS ALOT!
My TPF was also a skiing accident in mid-February. I started formal PT & PWB 4 weeks before the OS in Utah said I would so that has been the highlight of my journey. I’m now 9 weeks post-op & have added 30 minutes on a stationary bike to my already 30 minutes walking & using the kick board in the pool. My flexion has returned well but my extension still seems to be lagging behind. I think the resounding message seems to be: TRY & BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF, THIS IS A BIG INJURY, IT WILL GET BETTER, IT WILL LIKELY TAKE MONTHS OR A YEAR TO RETURN TO WHERE WE WERE.
I also fear that I won’t be able to do what I had previously done but that fear simply won’t help me now. I need to just be where I am…in rehab.

Best of Luck.