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Hi Eileen,
I am most interested in your posts as I too need my hardware removing. My fracture has now healed according to my latest x Ray but I still cannot walk properly despite having pretty good movement. I exercise each day and use an exercise bike to build up muscles that wasted during my time NWB. However, I continue to experience pain and soreness around the top of the plate and my scar still feels warm to the touch even after 7 months. It feels as if the plate is causing some sort of inflammation and my leg gets really hot in bed. The soreness is now keeping me awake too. I am on the list to have the hardware removed but my surgeon has given me worst case scenarios about removal. I don’t think I will ever walk properly with it in so don’t feel I hAve a choice. I feel it all the time. I have walked quite a bit today and now I feel as if I have some sort of cutter around my knee that is slicing every time I move. It is most uncomfortable and sore. I have taken early retirement because of this injury but now have the opportunity of teaching one day a week on a casual basis but I feel disabled and although I have said yes I know it is going to be a struggle because of the hardware pain. How is your recovery going now? I need a bit of reassurance because I am not looking forward to more surgery but equally I cannot go on with the plate in my leg. Glad you seem to be doing so well.
Good wishes,
Lesley (UK)

Lesley (UK)