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Jim M

I had ORIF Tibial Plateau surgery on 10/23/14. 5 screws and a plate was inserted and 7 weeks after surgery I was off crutches and walking gingerly. I always have run and kept in shape so my PT said it was easier for me to come off the crutches as I had strong leg muscles to begin with. Now, I had to have arthroscopic surgery to remove excessive scar tissue as my ROM could not get past 85 degrees. There is discomfort involved after the surgery, but my ROM coming out of surgery was 90 degrees and improving. I did incur an infection in one of the incision sites and this has set me back a bit since I now have to let that heal completely before we can go back to aggressive PT. It’s frustrating, but I would have the surgery again if I had to. Without it, I know I wouldn’t be advancing my ROM. After surgery, ice it often to reduce swelling and keep it elevated as much as you can to reduce the lower leg and foot swelling. I am now 4 weeks past my 2nd surgery and the swelling is gone from the lower part of my leg. Only moderate swelling ia left in the knee joint. Good luck.