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Morning Pamela,
I too developed a swollen ankle and foot even though I was non weight bearing. Sitting at the computer was agony after half an hour. My leg was a different colour to my other one for about 5 months. My legs looked as if they belonged to different people. My surgeon said this was to be expected so I stopped worrying. Elevate as much as you can. Use an ice pack to reduce swelling. All sorts of unexpected nerves are affected with a tpf and we all react differently to the surgery. You sound similar to me at one month. I lived downstairs for 11 weeks as I could not climb the stairs. I used a walker for all of that time and beyond and that was so helpful. You learn all sorts of ways to carry seemingly uncarryable objects! Keep moving that ankle and your toes to keep the circulation good. You can also stretch your calf muscle by stretching the toes and ankle back and forth. I had physio yesterday so a sore knee today but you have to keep going and looking forward. I have a day’s teaching tomorrow so I may need my stick but to go back to work is another step forward for me. I took early retirement at Christmas. I am 58 and the tpf meant I could not return to school last September. My recovery has been slow but steady so I went for it. Now my best friend has talked me into teaching one day a week at her school. I really enjoyed it last week but was exhausted by 3.30! I will exercise today on my bike and with some good stretches so I will manage. Good to hear you have heard from others. This site is a saviour and so many others have encouraged me and given me heart. You will get there. Have a good day.
Best wishes,