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Hi Sarah,
I too had 2 bad falls early on after surgery. I overbalanced and fell on to the corner of a coffe table and then I fell off the crutches and landed flat on my back like a beetle! Both times I put weight on the leg but 7 months in my fracture has healed and I am awaiting removal of hardware as the plate is causing me some problems. I used the zimmer all the time. I was unsteady on crutches until I became FWB so I used the walking frame in and out of the house. I too slept with pillows under my leg. I had to sleep on my back for a while and gradually I could sleep on my side again much as you are doing. You must do what your body allows you to do and what feels most comfortable. I also had to sleep in my leg brace which was not easy. Don’t be pushed onto crutches until you are ready. That’s what I decided and I’m glad I did. The frame is much more stable when you are NWB. That exercise sounds hard. I could not do that for quite a long time but then I went to a private physio who got me moving again. Even now I am still working on those muscles. When I was NWB I used to sit on a chair with a soft cloth under my foot and push back which also worked the quads a little. I only had a 45 degree bend in my leg brace then so they were only small stretches. I used to lay on my back on my bed and physically lift my leg up with my hands. Maybe you could get yourself moving that way but you are still so early on. Ask your physio for easy ways to get things going. When you can do those exercises you will feel more confident and then you will be able to do more. It’s a mind game as well. About 3 weeks ago I had to teach myself how to walk downstairs. My brain is still resisting as it is in a one step at a time mode! Patience and perseverance are what I have learned with this injury. Others on this site will tell you the same. Try to stay positive and you will get there.
Best wishes for your recovery.
Lesley (UK)