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Hi Sarah,

Looks like we have all fallen or something. I have fallen and stumble, one time right after surgery on my crutches, (last time I used them) and the last time I tripped I wasn’t suppose to put ALL my weight on my leg, but that is in fact what happened when I stumbled and ended up on the TPF leg. Both times my leg seemed fine.
Although this past weeks, I have had all my hardware removed. My leg got infected. No one is sure why it did that. I woke one morning 3 months after the surgery and my leg hurt right thru the middle of my knee cap into the back of my knee. A week of antibiotics orally did not help, a week in the hospital with much stronger antibiotics didn’t help so out everything came. The surgeon removed the plate, pin/screws, and wire that was used. My leg is healed enough to have it removed if I had to. I now feel like I don’t have the flu anymore. wow, with a temp and high white blood count I felt pretty bad. and now I am good. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that I take care of myself that my leg stays safe, only because I feel as though it needs to “harden” up. The doctor says no, but I know my body, and that is my tip, listen to your body.