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I broke the Tibia of my left leg in a couple of places on 02/01/2015 having had a ladder slip out from under me. I had surgery the next day to install a rod and plates to put everything back together. I was told that I would not return to work in 4-6 weeks. I assumed that I would not be able to drive for months as initially I did not see how I could get behind the wheel with my leg straight and being unable to bend my knee.

Long-story-short, I returned to work in 9 days and was cleared to drive by my doctor. At the point I was cleared, I was off narcotic pain medication and only taking Extra Strength Tylenol as needed. I realized that if I pushed the seat all the way back in my car and fully reclined it that I could get in with my leg straight. As my car is an automatic, I could operate the gas and break, as usual, with my right foot which was uninjured. I then got a temporary Handicap placard so as to be able to park near my work and other places given that I am on crutches. I drive now as I always have and the ability to do so has greatly improved my mental health.

Thus, if your doctor releases you to drive, you are not taking narcotic pain medication while doing so, and are physically able to drive; then I would say, “Go for it.”